National Regenerative Agriculture Day is a united national movement to heal the heart of the food chain.

Each year we focus on a leading campfire conversation, and this year we take a deep dive into the question “What exactly is NET-ZERO?” Are you just as confused as we are? With so many conflicting ideas, statistics, reports and experts opinions, do you find it difficult to have a strong grasp on how NET-ZERO will impact you and your family? What are the tangible impacts will it deliver to our communities on the ground?Is it a feasible solution to our current state of affairs or is it a concept of smoke and mirrors?

Join us over NRAD2022 as we ask the questions and engage the brilliance of our community to share their answers. It is our goal to unpack this in a hand-on heart-hearty conversation as we lead up to The Gr8 Deb8 during National Regenerative Agriculture Day – foodies and farmers hijacking Valentines Day – 14th Feb 2022.

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National Regenerative Agriculture Day (NRAD) is a united national day to raise awareness around Regenerative Agriculture and the benefits of helping heal the land and our waterways. This day is about a powerful fundraising stand and educational movement between our farmers, our Original people, our educators, our gardeners, our foodies, our students, our #heartyourfarmer and the people of our nation as we attempt to restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains. This is a movement of people who are standing true for the future of Australia and Planet Earth. It's time to celebrate the soilutions and bring health, sovereignty and sustainability to the future of our children. #sacredregeneration
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PICOTS FARM QLD 14.02.2022

Join farmers and foodies, scientists, and change-makers at this showcase event. Lets dive into Regen Farming- hearing your experiences and answering your questions.


Celebrating a feast of good local food. Meet Cyndi Omeara & Gundi Rhoades, and chat to the local farmers who grew your dinner. What is Good Food? How is it produced? Get your questions answered.

RICHMOND TAS 14.02.2022

Come and celebrate SOIL and LOVE at Ripple Farm Holistic Education Hub! Enjoy art by young Rosie Treasure and her family - inspired by the animals we care for. On Ripple Farm the soil is coming alive through regenerative stewardship.


Join us over NRAD2022 as we ask the questions and engage the brilliance of our community to share their answers. It is our goal to unpack this in a hand-on heart-hearty conversation as we lead up to The Gr8 Deb8


If you would like to host an NRAD EVENT please let our co-ordinator know by contacting us at Any where across Australia can host an NRAD event which we will support by putting out over our network.


What is your top tip for creating a Regenerative Farm? Let’s talk about family, wellbeing, the future food demands & seasons, innovations and collaborating. How does Regenerative Management MAKE PROFIT longterm? What are you PRODUCING and why? What are your

The Race to Net Zero

By Sam Rodgers You’re in a race you didn’t know you entered. A race you certainly didn’t choose to enter. The starting gun went off, but you didn’t hear it. You we’re

Valentine’s Letter to Farmers

By Kathryn Hubble Dear Farmers Here I am, pen in hand, hand on heart, reaching out with the deepest respect and asking for your help. I am trying to understand where our

What The Bleep Is Net-Zero?

By Amy Anam Cara Brandwyn The sheer number of activists, scientists, schools, Indigenous peoples and land defenders speaking out about the devastations to the earth caused by big business has grown and grown

What is Net Zero and Is it Enough?

By Kym Wilson There are many articles to be found all over the internet about Net Zero, but what really is Net Zero, and is it enough? Net Zero according to the

What If The World Turned Out Ok?

We can not fundamentally claim to be a Social Impact Organisation that inspires and motivates a movement of environmental regeneration without understanding

The Sacred Shepherd

'The Sacred Shepherds' By Rachael Treasure

The year is 3020 and young Arlo has graduated from Southern Tasmania's Institute of Ecological Medicine, gaining

Brooklands Regenerative Farm

On the mineral rich Volcanic pastures of Blampied, Central Highlands of Victoria, you will find sustainable & regenerative farmers Jonathan Hurst &

From Challenges To Opportunities

By Megan Cassidy How Regenerative Agriculture Supported Rich Carey’s Healing Journey They say life is about the journey, not the destination.  For Rich Carey, a young sixth-generation farmer from Wee Jasper, near

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Waking The World With A Song

By Amy Anam Cara Brandwyn I live in Brighton in the UK overlooking the ocean. My daybreak is called in with the cries of gulls as they circle the beach scavenging for food washed up by the expansive waters. Their chorus pierces through the night, stretching to my ears and calling me to open the

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  • By Kylie Beale It’s a foodie’s dream come reality as one dish follows another from kitchen to table and is carefully positioned upon the makeshift tablecloth of fresh banana leaves. A bowl

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  • Get outside and bury your face in the grass! The antidote to apathy is action and stepping into nature is a radical act in itself. As anthropoids we are creatures of Mother

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Build A Community Garden

How did you get involved with the Inverell Community Gardens and when? Well, I’ve been involved with Inverell Community Gardens since it first started at its new site in 2012. I was there when we planted the first tree. My children, my beautiful children, helped plant the first olive tree. The Gardens originally came about as a result of a group who were concerned about food security in Inverell. And they really wanted to show people how Inverell, I guess, was self-sustaining, and can be self-sustaining, and has been in the past. – to teach the new generations how things

You Can Taste The Carbon

Regenerative Chocolate. That’s two of my favourite words right there. And I know I’m not alone as a chocolate lover. There are few food items that we so powerfully associate with pleasure, comfort, and indulgence. But pure chocolate — cacao — has also unique properties that are beneficial to health. In South America, cacao is called “food of the gods.” The Mayan and Aztec peoples called it ‘xocolatl’ and consumed it as a sacred drink. It’s packed with antioxidants that are readily absorbed by our bodies. It’s also high in two nutrients most people don’t get enough of in their

From Biscuits To Beef

Charlie has been awarded several agricultural industry awards, including the Bob Hawke Landcare Australia Award, the Lachlan Catchment Natural Resource Management Primary Producer Award, Conservation Farmer of the Year – Lachlan Regional Winner, and winner of the National Carbon Cocky award for Outstanding Leadership.  Produce State Award in the ‘From The Paddock’ category as part of the 2018 delicious Produce Awards. The Arnott family have bred and grown Shorthorn cattle, and Merino and Dorset sheep at ‘Hanaminno’, Boorowa for nearly 50 years. Michael Arnott, the great, great grandson of William Arnott, the man who started the Famous Arnott’s Biscuit Company,

Lettuce Turn Up The Beat

The origins of the Yamba Farmers & Producers Market began around seven years ago as a project of the the Northern Rivers Food Links program. The Food Links program received Federal funding in 2008 to establish a number of food projects across 7 local government councils. The Clarence Valley Council received $50K to establish a community garden and the resources to establish a farmers market. After community and business consultation it was decided to establish a farmers market in Yamba. The next round of consultation was with the farmers and what were there needs and priorities. The site selected was



To transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture and support them to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in their soil from 1% to 8%.

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